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Research Makes Front Cover

Understanding the Water-in-Salt to Salt-in-Water Characteristics across the Zinc Chloride: Water Phase Diagram

A Physical Chemistry journal cover by James Martin and his group of researchers
152 page minimum spine. Editor: Matt Hotze, JEM: Esther RTP: Diane Murphy

NC State researchers within the Department of Chemistry published a recent discovery of significance to physical chemists around the globe. The article, prepared by Professor Jim Martin, Postdoctoral Researcher Shelby Pillai, and several prior graduate students, found its way to the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, issued in March 2022.

The study was conducted to understand the interaction between water and zinc chloride. In situ synchrotron diffraction is used to investigate the complex polymorphism of zinc chloride resulting from sub-stoichiometric hydration. Remarkably, the last water of hydration is not lost until above the melting point. Measurements across the phase diagram provide novel insight into its extreme solubility, including three stoichiometric hydrates and a deep eutectic with water.

Check out the article for further information on the matter.