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Prospective Freshmen in Chemistry

Welcome to NC State!

The faculty in the Department of Chemistry are dedicated to supporting your commitment to academic success.  The information below will help you with registration for Fall classes.

The typical course load for freshmen in their first semester is 15-17 credit hours (cr).  Students in the Chemistry BS program will have the following courses placed in their PackPlanner:

  • COS 100 (2 cr) – required orientation course for College of Sciences (COS)
  • CH 103 (3 cr); Fall only – lecture on MWF and problem session on Th
  • CH 104 (1 cr)
  • MA *** (3 or 4 cr; based on MA placement score or AP credit) See Math Enrollment below.
  • ENG 101 (4 cr; English placement information can be found here.)

Completing your Fall Schedule

Your remaining credit hours (in order to be enrolled in 15-17 cr) will come from General Education Requirements. To see which GEP courses you still need to enroll in, perform a Degree Audit.  Most students will need to enroll in either 1 cr of HESF (“PE” class) or 3 cr of a GEP course.

University Honors or Scholars Program – If you accepted an invitation to the University Honors Program, an Honors Seminar should have been added to your schedule.  If you accepted an invitation to the University Scholars Program, USP 110 “Scholars Forum” should have been added to your schedule.

Foreign Language Requirement – The University requires that all students demonstrate proficiency at the FL* 102 level in a modern or classical foreign language to graduate from NC State.  Most students meet the foreign language proficiency requirement by earning a C- or better in each of two units of high school study of the same foreign language (American Sign Language may also be used to meet the proficiency). International students whose native fluency is in a language other than English usually meet the proficiency based on their native language. 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY – Non-native speakers of English may choose to take a foreign language section of ENG 100 and ENG 101 (FLE 100 and FLE 101). Contact Dr. Jillian Haeseler in the Department of Foreign Languages or visit the NC State ESL website for more information.

Questions?  Should you have any questions, please email the Chemistry Undergraduate Office ( using your NCSU email account.

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores

If you have taken an AP exam, make sure your scores were sent to NC State. Your scores may require changes in your fall class schedule. Only students with a score of 5 on the AP Chemistry exam may choose to be enrolled in CH 225/226. Students with a score of 5 on the AP exam will receive credit for CH 103/104 and CH 203/204 (total of 8 cr).

Math Enrollment

Students who are unable to enroll in math courses because of prerequisite issues can request help at
This form may be helpful for:
Students who are waiting for math transfer credit to be posted to their account
Students who took the math placement test but whose placement score is not yet in the system
This form is not for:
Students waiting on AP calculus scores from the exam just taken in May
Students wanting a particular section that is full or has restricted seats (these students should enroll themselves on the waitlist, if desired)

Transfer Credits

Some high school students may have taken college courses before they entered NC State. Verification of course equivalencies can be done at the link below.
In order for the course to be a part of your NC State academic record it is your responsibility to have the transcript sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.