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Increasing Awareness of Diverse Voices in Chemistry

The database focuses on contributions by chemists from historically underrepresented groups. The database is a result of contributions by several NC State Chemistry faculty as well as undergraduate students who researched and prepared these presentations.

About the Database

The database focuses on the work done by chemists from underrepresented groups whose contributions are not frequently highlighted in undergraduate chemistry courses. Each entry contains biographical information, a summary of contributions and relevance to specific topics/courses. Most entries also include a PowerPoint containing biographical information as well as an activity that highlights some aspect of the discovery in the context of a fundamental chemistry concept. In this way, the work of these chemists can be easily added to lectures and connected to a topic being discussed in class. The database is also keyword searchable by topic, scientist name or course. 

From left to right:
Upper row: Reatha Clark King, Rosalind Franklin, Mario J. Molina
Second row: Percy Julian, Sharon Haynie, Stephanie Kwolek
Third row: Richmond Sarpong, Marie Curie, Gregory H. Robinson
Fourth row: Hantaro Nagaoka, Tehshik Yoon, Alma Levant Hayden