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Student Spotlight: Linda Ung

Questions & Answers

Linda Ung wearing the right PPE to work in the lab, is conducting an experiment.
Linda Ung
Undergraduate Student of Chemistry

Why did you choose Chemistry? 

I chose chemistry because I am fascinated with all of the different applications chemistry has to help change lives. For example, I find it astounding that chemistry can be used towards drug discovery research, which is what I want to do once I am done with school. I hope to one day develop drugs that will help better and save lives. 

What are you involved in outside of Chemistry?

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in the Chemistry Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, the Chemistry Honors Program and I am an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Joshua Pierce’s group. Outside of Chemistry, I am a part of an Asian-interest sorority, Alpha Phi Gamma. During any free time I have, I enjoy painting and binge-watching random shows. I hope to get into embroidery one day!

How do these activities complement your future plans in Chemistry?

Through my activities outside of Chemistry, I have been able to develop and improve my skills, such as being able to communicate with others, working as part of a team, and managing my time effectively. I have also been able to continue building my professional network, which will help me in the future when applying for graduate schools and looking for jobs.

What advice would you give today’s young scientists?

Never doubt yourself and always give yourself credit! As a first-generation college student, I have definitely experienced imposter syndrome. However, I have learned to remind myself that all of my hard work and dedication is what leads me to my accomplishments, and that I deserve all of the things I have accomplished.

Fill in the blank:

My favorite place on campus is Hunt Library!

Whenever I am in a rut and have no will to be productive, Hunt never fails to motivate me to get my grind on. I love the modern touch Hunt Library has because it is not as depressing and gloomy as other libraries.

I’m most excited to travel after” COVID-19

I am sure everyone feels the same way I do, and cannot wait to be able to travel outside of the US again. I miss traveling to other countries and being able to divulge in the cultures that they have to offer! I hope to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam again, as well as Thailand.

In my lifetime scientists will discover …

I believe we will improve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with organic synthesis and drug discovery research. With AI being a hot topic over the past few years, and the ongoing issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria, I am optimistic that AI technology will one day have the potential to help synthesize and test new antibiotic compounds.

In one word, my experience at NC State has been inspiring!

Whether I am talking to my peers, faculty members, or other people I am working with, no one has failed to not inspire me. So many people here at NC State are driven to better the world and help others, which pushes me to have the same mindset.