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Chemistry Honors Program

The Chemistry Honors Program offers students a challenging program of advanced study where they can develop research skills as well as written and oral communication skills.


The Chemistry Honors Program is envisioned as a way for students to develop independence, collaborative skills and a deeper understanding of chemistry required for careers in both industry and graduate school. Membership in the Chemistry Honors Program is available to students who have exceptional academic standing and who elect to satisfy additional requirements outlined below. In addition to academics, CHP students are encouraged to give back to the chemistry community by volunteering for and attending CHP events.

Admission to the Program

Students can apply to join the Chemistry Honors Program in the spring semester of their sophomore year or in their junior year. Eligible students are those majoring in chemistry who have earned an overall GPA of at least 3.5 after completing 30 credit hours at NC State. Chemistry transfer students who have earned an overall GPA of 3.5 after completing at least 15 credit hours at NC State (and a total of 30 credit hours of college coursework) will be eligible after their first semester at NC State.

Program Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of two semesters of independent research (CH499)
  2. Complete 9 credit hours of advanced coursework that satisfies the criteria listed below. Courses must be completed with a B- or better
  3. Maintain a minimum 3.5 overall GPA
  4. Present research at a local, regional, or national conference
  5. Volunteer for or attend at least one CHP-sponsored event/initiative per semester
  6. Prepare an honors thesis (written or oral) in the last semester prior to graduation


  • Courses at a level of 300 or above from at least two of the following categories may be selected: 1) courses designated as honors or regularly-offered courses where student obtains an honors contract, 2) graduate level courses (500 or above), 3) independent research (CH499).
  • Minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken in the Department of Chemistry.
  • If a course is taken outside of chemistry if must focus on a topic in chemistry or a closely related field (director approval required).

CHP Events

Among other events, the CHP organizes an annual Chemistry Undergraduate Research Poster Session. The goal of the event is to highlight the research accomplishments of undergraduate students as well as to introduce incoming chemistry majors to opportunities in undergraduate research. Most CHP students either present a poster or attend the event to help network with incoming students.

More senior CHP students are also able to volunteer as mentors in the chemistry department MentorUP program where they are able to serve as mentors to incoming chemistry majors.

Advising of Honors Program Students

Students in the honors program will be advised by the Chemistry Honors Program Director, Dr. Ana Ison. The program director will assist with developing a plan of study as well as provide feedback during the preparation of the research poster and honors thesis.

Honors Program Recognition

Graduating seniors in the Honors Program receive a certificate signed by the dean of the College of Sciences and the director of the College of Sciences Honors Program Committee. Mention is made on the student’s transcript and in the commencement program. Recognition will be given by comment in letters of reference to potential employers and to graduate school admissions committees.


If you have additional questions about the Chemistry Honors Program please contact the Program Director, Dr. Ana Ison at