Chemistry Honors Program


The Chemistry Honors Program is designed to encourage excellent students to pursue an undergraduate program that will challenge their abilities, expose them to research problems, and prepare them for graduate studies or other rewarding professional careers. Membership in the Chemistry Honors Program is limited to students who have done exceptionally well at NC State and who elect to satisfy additional academic requirements, specified below, that are consistent with the University wide guidelines for departmental honors programs. Departmental honors programs are separate from the University Honors Program and the University Scholars Program. Students majoring in chemistry or in a joint degree program involving chemistry who have an outstanding academic record are invited by the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences to join the chemistry program.

On completion of the requirements, your NC State transcript will indicate that you have satisfied the requirements of the Chemistry Honors program.  In addition to celebrating your achievements, this recognition may be of tangible value when you seek future employment or apply to graduate schools.


Minimum 3.5 GPA

The Chemistry Honors Program and the University-wide Guidelines for Honors Programs require a minimum of nine credit hours of coursework drawn from at least two of the three following categories:

Category 1: Special Courses

  1. courses open only to Honors students,
  2. Honors (H) sections of regularly offered courses,
  3. Honors options in regularly offered courses, or
  4. regularly offered courses that colleges or departments designate as appropriate for their honors programs;

Category 2: Advanced Courses

  1. Courses at the 500-level that are taken as electives or as substitutes for lower-level courses;

Category 3: Independent Studies

  1. Options such as a senior thesis or paper, a project and project report, lab work and lab report, a group or individual tutorial guided by a faculty member. Generally these must include an oral, poster or other suitable presentation of your work.

We require at least 6 credits from Chemistry that cannot be simultaneously claimed as Honors credits at other Departments. Also, we require at least 3 credits of Research/Independent Study to qualify for our Program.

If you have any questions about eligibility, the merits of the Chemistry Honors Program or its requirements, please see Dr. Alex Nevzorov in the Department of Chemistry or correspond with him by e-mail at