Chemical Biology

Chemical biologists apply chemistry to study biological systems in order to gain insight into biological problems at the molecular level, to better utilize biology, and to develop new drugs.

Chemical biology is the scientific discipline that aims to design and develop molecular strategies and tools including small molecule drugs/probes to characterize and validate their biological mechanism of action. In this way, chemical biology is the key bridge at the interface between chemistry, basic biomedical and veterinary research, and therapeutic science. Research in this area is highly interdisciplinary and spans the discovery of novel treatments for infectious disease and cancer to the design of microbes for the synthesis of complex molecules. Faculty in this area collaborate with a number of other departments and programs across campus to conduct cutting edge research at the interface of chemistry and biology.

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Researchers in This Area

Erin Baker

Associate Professor

Wei-Chen Chang

Assistant Professor


Denis Fourches

Assistant Professor


Reza Ghiladi

Associate Professor


Jonathan Lindsey

Glaxo Distinguished University Professor


Dave Muddiman

Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry


Joshua Pierce

Associate Professor


Caroline Proulx

Assistant Professor


Leslie Sombers

Associate Professor


Gavin Williams

Associate Professor and Associate Department Head