Drug Discovery

Researchers in our department are using chemistry to advance the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Chemistry faculty are involved with highly interdisciplinary programs across the NC State campus and beyond to study the molecular basis of disease and to develop next-generation medicines.

One area of focus includes the discovery and development of drugs to combat the rapid emergence of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. This is a global problem that has been recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the top three threats to global health.

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Our faculty tackle this grand challenge to society and related problems by developing new synthetic methods to access new molecules, identifying biologically active compounds, understanding structure-activity relationships of small molecules, studying their mechanism of action, and using medicinal chemistry to fine-tune pharmacological properties.

Researchers in This Area

Wei-Chen Chang

Assistant Professor


Denis Fourches

Assistant Professor


Reza Ghiladi

Associate Professor


Jonathan Lindsey

Glaxo Distinguished University Professor


Dave Muddiman

Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry


Joshua Pierce

Associate Professor


Caroline Proulx

Assistant Professor


Gavin Williams

Associate Professor and Associate Department Head