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Modern analytical chemistry is focused on the development and application of innovative measurement platforms to quantitatively understand complex chemical and biological systems.

Muddiman Lab

The innovative tools that analytical chemists build measure molecules in vanishingly small amounts, on short time scales, and in complex chemical and biological samples to significantly impact a broad range of other disciplines.

Analytical chemistry faculty at NC State continue to push the frontiers of measurement science, effectively addressing and deepening the understanding of challenging problems in chemistry, biology, the environment, veterinary medicine, forensic science, and human health and disease. Analytical chemistry inherently lends itself to collaboration with a wide range of disciplines including statistics, material science, engineering, physics, biology, and medicine. At NC State, analytical chemistry students have many opportunities to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary research, an experience that is critical for modern-day scientists to build successful, high-impact careers.

We educate the next generation of analytical chemists in our diverse research programs and routinely place students in top industrial, government and academic positions after graduation. Graduate students build fundamental knowledge in measurement science through coursework, participation in our weekly seminar series, and presentation of their research at national and international conferences. Their discoveries and research innovations are published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, defining them as leaders in the field upon graduation. Undergraduates also engage in research that enriches their classroom learning and often results in publications and development of their future career path.

Researchers in this Area

Dave Muddiman

Professor, Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Scholar, and Director of METRIC

Alex Smirnov

Professor, Scott Distinguished Scholar

Leslie Sombers

Professor, University Faculty Scholar

Thomas Theis

Associate Professor, Goodnight Distinguished Scholar in Molecular Characterization

Yi Xiao

Associate Professor, LORD Corporation Distinguished Scholar