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A major research focus at NC State Chemistry involves the discovery and fundamental understanding of new molecules and materials poised to deepen our understanding of solar energy conversion processes enabling new technologies while developing a technically sound, problem-solving workforce.

Castellano lab

This multidisciplinary research seeks basic knowledge of both hard and soft matter, including bioinspired, self-assembled and nanostructured materials; the interplay of light and charge in molecules and materials; chromophore discovery; the synthesis of next-generation metal oxides; the energetics and electronic structures of molecules and materials and their interfaces; the dynamics of molecular photophysics and photo-induced electron and energy-transfer processes including biological systems; mechanistic solar photochemistry and solar fuels photocatalysis; electrochemical catalysis and synthesis; and mechanistic organometallic chemistry. Through the union of novel molecules and materials along with advanced spectroscopic and computational approaches, the research groups in this arena utilize their expertise in both applied research and fundamental discovery to develop new energy conversion systems.

Researchers in This Area

Phil Castellano

Professor, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Chair

Reza Ghiladi

Professor / Director of Graduate Programs / University Faculty Scholar

Jonathan Lindsey

Professor, Glaxo Distinguished University Chair

Mike Whangbo

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Computational/Theoretical Chemistry