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Dates of the Exam

For Summer, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Enrollment

  • The CPE is available between February 19 and August 20, 2023 for placement into CH 101 (and CH 103) for the Summer and Fall 2023 semesters.  The CPE will reopen between September 18, 2023 and January 12, 2024  for CH placement for the Spring 2024 semester.
  • The earlier one takes the CPE, the earlier one can register for the appropriate course. Note that submission of the CPE after May 18, 2023 could result in being enrolled in a course section that is not convenient for your schedule or finding sections unavailable.
  • Plan to allow some time for study prior to the date you plan to take the CPE. This tool is designed to help you, but it does have consequences. Take it seriously and prepare.