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Chemistry Placement Modules

The Chemistry Placement Modules are online, module-based tutorials intended for students who do not pass the CPE (with scores between 12-14) but wish to further their Chemistry comprehension. Successful completion of the Placement Modules will satisfy the prerequisite and allow students to enroll in CH 101.

Chemistry Placement Module Instructions:

  • One may self-register for the Modules here.
  • Login on the left side of the frame, under “Returning to this website?” using your NC State Unity ID and password. Do NOT create a new account. Do NOT login as a guest.
  • The course “Chemistry Placement Modules: Fall 23 – Spring 24” will appear near the top of the link and an option to enroll will be available. Choose YES.
  • Once registered, begin by reading the “Introduction – start here” link at the top. This will explain the eight topical modules; the practice problems for each; and how eventually to access the examination. Note that one must complete each and all of the practice problem sets in order to obtain the password for the examination. The password is case-sensitive.
  • A score of 18 or greater out of 25 is required on the Module Examination to qualify for CH 101.