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Dabney and Cox from the Brickyard

We welcome prospective students, visiting faculty and other guests to our department.

NC State is located in vibrant Raleigh, North Carolina, in the heart of the Research Triangle Park. We are close to a major airport and other convenient transportation options.

The Department of Chemistry’s main office is in Dabney Hall on NC State’s historic North Campus. We also have other facilities on North Campus and Centennial Campus.

If you have any questions about your visit, contact us.

Directions and Parking
Main Office Address:
208 Dabney Hall
2620 Yarbrough Dr.
NC State University
Campus Map

For information on visitor parking locations, rates and hours, see NC State Visitor Parking Information. The closest visitor parking lots to our office are the Coliseum Parking Deck and the Dan Allen Parking Deck.

Consult the map to reach Dabney Hall from your parking location. The Undergraduate Office is housed in 108 Dabney. This is located directly across from the Brickyard entrance to Dabney. If you enter from the ground floor you can take the elevators up one floor. The department chair’s office is in 208 Dabney. The Graduate Office is housed in 214 Dabney. If you enter from the ground floor, you can take the elevators up two floors. If you’re lost, call the Chemistry Department Head’s Office at 919.515.2355.