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Current Faculty

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Gavin Williams

Professor / Interim Department Head / LORD Corporation Distinguished Scholar

Phil Castellano

Professor, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Chair

Lori Del Negro

Teaching Assistant Professor

Jeremiah Feducia

Teaching Associate Professor / Director of Undergraduate Studies

Maria Gallardo-Williams

Teaching Professor / Director of Organic Chemistry Labs / SoTL Faculty Fellow / Alumni Association Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

Reza Ghiladi

Professor / Director of Graduate Programs / University Faculty Scholar

Ana Ison

Teaching Associate Professor

Jonathan Lindsey

Professor, Glaxo Distinguished University Chair

Marion Martin

Teaching Assistant Professor, Assistant Interim Department Head, DEI Committee Chair

Gregory McCarty

Research Associate Professor

Dave Muddiman

Professor, Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Scholar, and Director of METRIC

Jun Ohata

Assistant Professor

Maria Oliver-Hoyo

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Lori Petrovich

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of General Chemistry Labs

Joshua Pierce

Associate Professor, LORD Corporation Distinguished Scholar and University Faculty Scholar

Alex Smirnov

Professor, Scott Distinguished Scholar

Leslie Sombers

Professor, University Faculty Scholar

Brian Space

Professor, Associate Interim Department Head

Laura Sremaniak

Teaching Professor, Associate Interim Department Head

Masahiko Taniguchi

Research Associate Professor

Yi Xiao

Associate Professor

Ghada Rabah

Teaching Associate Professor

Travis Varner

Teaching Assistant Professor