Graduation Information

Graduate students in red caps and gowns

Graduation Application Process

Complete the online Graduation Application through MyPack Portal as directed by your college.
Be attentive to deadlines and fulfilling your responsibilities to secure your graduation clearance. Responsibilities include:

  1. Confirm Graduation Application procedures and complete any college or departmental paperwork with your advisor;
  2. Complete the online Graduation Application (application help guide);
  3. Ensure that your “privacy settings” in the MyPack Portal indicate your intention for inclusion in or exclusion from the graduation program and official press releases. For help on how to change these settings in MyPack Portal, please see the FERPA/Privacy tutorial.
  4. Confirm that you have fulfilled all requirements for your degree;
  5. If applying for a minor, speak with your minor advisor;
  6. Purchase academic apparel and announcements.

An informational flyer will be mailed to candidates mid-semester. This will provide apparel purchase information, schedule of events, important reminders, student speaker application, and other opportunities.

Academic apparel can be purchased through the NC State Bookstore beginning in early December or May. Preordering is only required for special needs and those orders should be made in early November or April. Photo ID is required for apparel purchases. For more information about apparel and announcements please visit our Announcements and Apparel information page.

Diplomas are 11″ x 14″ and frames are available for purchase at the NC State Bookstore. Duplicate diplomas are available upon request for $40.00. Contact Registration and Records’ Graduation Coordinator at 515-2572 or fax/mail a completed replacement diploma request form (pdf).

Departmental Graduation Ceremony Information

The Fall 2019 Chemistry Departmental Ceremony will be held in Dabney 222 at 1:30 pm on Thursday, December 19, 2019.   All graduates should be present outside DAB 108 for lineup and pictures by 12:45 pm. The ceremony will be followed by a reception in the lobby contiguous to Dabney 222.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to say farewell to your classmates, friends, faculty and staff and give your parents the opportunity to see you graduate from the University with your peers.  We hope your time in the Department has been well spent and rewarding and that the future brings great joy and many successes!  We look forward to seeing you at graduation.