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The Division of Inorganic Chemistry at NC State is internationally recognized for its research achievements in areas critical to the future of the Department of Chemistry, and more broadly to the success of the College of Sciences and NC State.

The division has developed with the recognition that fundamental knowledge in chemical structure, bonding and reactivity is crucial to many disciplines, including engineering, materials science, biology and biochemistry, agriculture, and marine and atmospheric sciences. Application of fundamental discoveries through collaboration across these disciplines is invaluable to realize transformative innovations that address complex pressing global challenges in energy, health and the environment. Thus, the division is committed to ensuring research strengths across diverse aspects of inorganic chemistry, including expertise in the synthesis characterization of inorganic molecules and materials, bioinorganic chemistry, solar chemistry, and photochemistry.

Researchers in this Area

Phil Castellano

Professor, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Chair

Reza Ghiladi

Professor / Director of Graduate Programs / University Faculty Scholar

Thomas Theis

Associate Professor, Goodnight Distinguished Scholar in Molecular Characterization

Mike Whangbo

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Computational/Theoretical Chemistry