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Mentoring Undergraduates Program

What is MentorUP?

The Mentoring Undergraduates Program (MentorUP) provides a mentorship network for incoming chemistry undergraduate students to assist them as they transition to life at NC State. Mentors will engage with, and share resources and advice with incoming undergraduates in order to increase the retention of students in the field, especially those who belong to historically underrepresented groups in STEM, including women, first generation, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color [BIPOC]. 

Undergraduate students gather by flowers near Tucker beach and in between residence halls on main campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Mentor Expectations

  • Provide guidance, support and encouragement
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for students from all identities, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Act as a positive role model and treat all students with respect and dignity. Encourage that all members do the same for each other
  • Maintain a friendly but professional relationship will all students in the group
  • Practice active listening and give all students a platform to speak and share their experiences without judgment or shaming
  • Communicate with your group regularly through Slack and organize 1-2 Zoom or in-person meetings per semester