The Department of Chemistry offers a rigorous education with many opportunities for engaging, hands-on research.

**Applications for fall admission are due JAN 15**

Foundation for the Future

We offer an outstanding Ph.D. program with several opportunities to defray the cost of your education. Graduate students learn from award-winning faculty in the classroom and work alongside them in the lab, playing an integral role in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research to solve the big problems facing society.

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While they complete their education, our students enjoy a rich student experience, publishing papers, traveling to conferences, teaching courses and getting involved in campus life. Students finish their degrees faster than the national average, allowing them to start their futures sooner.

And these futures are bright. Our graduates go on to diverse and successful careers in industry, working for top employers like BASF, Eastman Chemical, Cree, LORD and Novozymes. They teach and research at large universities, small colleges and everywhere between. And they are leaders in influential fields like law, research and government. Through our labs and the Chemistry Graduate Student Association, we offer valuable networking, travel and professional development opportunities to help students find the career path that is right for them.