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A group of the student winners of awards by the American Chemical Society. The background is a projection of a slide listing the winners' names and presentation titles.

Aug 5, 2022

Chen Wins Jeremy Knowles Award

Chen wins the 2022 Jeremy Knowles Travel Award. 

Undergraduate researcher in the Muddiman group, Olivia Dioli, shown here carrying out experiments involving the development of a system suitability strategy for mass spectrometry imaging.

Aug 3, 2022

The Power of Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Researchers land a 4-year $2.2 million NIH grant. 

An outdoor group photo of the Proulx Lab during APS 2022 including Quibria Guthrie, Hailey Young, Carolynn Davern, Max Bowles and Caroline Proulx

Jul 12, 2022

The Proulx Lab Shines at APS 2022

The Proulx Lab has been awarded multiple prizes during the American Peptide Symposium 2022. 

Multiple infusion start time coupled with IR-MALDESI mass spectrometry imaging to assess glutathione biosynthesis.

Jun 29, 2022

Research Makes Front Cover

Innovative research at NC State makes one step further toward the global fight against cancer. 

A Physical Chemistry journal cover by James Martin and his group of researchers

Jun 17, 2022

Research Makes Front Cover

An article prepared by Professor Jim Martin, Postdoctoral Researcher Shelby Pillai, and several prior graduate students, found its way to the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, issued in March 2022. 

A Graphic Illustration showing The evolution of different structures of MIL-53(M) (M = Cr, Al, and Fe) upon increasing adsorbate uptake

Jun 1, 2022

New Discovery, New Publication

For the purpose of providing a baseline for future research, NC State researchers and their collaborators are investigating the storage of methane under practical conditions. 

Apr 22, 2022

METRIC Receives NIIMBL Funding for Novel Instrumentation and Biopharma Research

METRIC has secured funding from the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL). 

Graphic Representation of A new approach in making chemotherapeutic molecules by Wei-chen Chang

Feb 7, 2022

New Discovery, New Publication

A new approach in making chemotherapeutic molecules has been identified by researchers from the Department of Chemistry at NC State University and their international collaborators. 

Hands wearing blue gloves working on sampling tissue in the lab

Jan 26, 2022

New Discovery, New Publication

A new methodology developed by NC State researchers and others explains proteomics profile changes in the placenta of mothers exposed to illicit drugs. 

A graphic of BesC Initiating C–C Cleavage through a Substrate-Triggered and Reactive Diferric-Peroxo Intermediate

Dec 20, 2021

Recent Publication

The article explains a reactivity of BesC as being the first example of a dinuclear-iron enzyme that utilizes a diferric-peroxo intermediate to capably cleave a C–H bond as part of its native function, thus circumventing the formation of a high-valent intermediate more commonly associated with substrate monooxygenations. 

The Front Cover shows the reaction network of Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange (SABRE), elucidated by density functional theory (DFT).

Oct 20, 2021

Research Makes Front Cover

Article by T. Theis, V. Blum, and co-workers makes front cover of ChemPhysChem 19/2021. 

Figure of the major sources and separation complexity of light hydrocarbons

Oct 13, 2021

Recent Publication

The separation of propadiene from propyne/propadiene mixtures remains challenging. Here, the authors report a sorbent screening protocol and show that metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with open metal sites and cage-based molecule traps exhibit high performance for propyne/propadiene separation.