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Paper Selected as Supplementary Journal Cover

A journal cover by Chang and collaborators selected as supplementary journal cover at ACS catalysis
A paper by the Chang research group and their collaborators was selected as a supplementary journal cover at ACS Catalysis.

The recent paper “Variation in Biosynthesis and Metal-Binding Properties of Isonitrile-Containing Peptides Produced by Mycobacteria versus Streptomyces” by the Chang research group and their collaborators has been highlighted as Supplementary Cover Art in ACS Catalysis.

The study not only helps to establish possible roles of isonitrile-containing peptides (INPs) but also further informs new therapeutics for fighting bacterial infection.

Many bacteria employ INPs to transport trace metal ions, thereby ensuring their survival. Bacteria are known to utilize structurally different INPs. Herein, the researchers designed biochemical assays to elucidate INP structures in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), a pathogen that causes tuberculosis.

Using this information, they designed a total synthesis to acquire INPs and determined that INPs preferentially bind copper but not zinc.