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Chemistry by the Numbers

Our Research

70 Active Federal Projects

$4,962,583 awarded in research dollars.
Our top 3 sponsors are NIH, NSF, and DOE.
70 graduate students are Research Assistants.

Our People

Facts and Figures

Chemistry Degrees Awarded

In 2022, we granted 21 Ph.D. and 3 M.S. degrees. We also graduated 24 B.S. and 14 B.A. chemistry majors.

Graduation Ceremonies

Recruitment Weekend 2022

46 students from 4 countries and 17 U.S. States attended.
70 posters were showcased; 12 awards totalling $2,825 in prize money were distributed.

Startup Companies

We currently have 8 active and operational startup companies.

List of Startup Companies

Chemistry Patents

We currently have 38 published chemistry patents, 56 issued, and 27 filed.

Chemistry Seminars

In 2022, we hosted 32 external seminars and colloquia speakers.

Calendar of Events