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A Celebration of the Class of Summer and Fall 2022

The Department celebrated the Classes of Summer and Fall 2022 on Friday, December 16, 2022.

List of Chemistry Graduates

Fall 2022

Formal NameDegree and Committee ChairThesis/Dissertation Title
Allen, Zachary TChemistry-MS: David ShultzDesign and Characterization of a Ground State Analog of a Charge-Separated Excited State
Bai, HongxiaChemistry-PhD: David MuddimanThree-dimensional Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Infrared Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization: Fundamentals and Applications.
Chau Nguyen, Khiem DuyChemistry-PhD: Jonathan LindseyTowards the Total Synthesis of Native
Jimenez, Emmanuel Iamsun
Chemistry-PhD: Maria Oliver-HoyoA Virtual Reality Learning Environment to
Support Students’ Abilities to Extract,
Represent, and Predict Stereochemical
Outcomes for the Diels-Alder Reaction.
Mellinger, Allyson LeeChemistry-PhD: David MuddimanDeveloping High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Strategies for Studying Temporal Changes in Disease States.
O’Donnell, Shaun
Chemistry-PhD: Paul MaggardDiscovery of Synthetic Pathways to Metastable Oxides and Investigation of Their Photocatalytic Properties
Qiu, XiangChemistry-PhD: Joshua PierceProgress towards the Total Synthesis of

Summer 2022

Formal NameDegree and Committee ChairThesis/Dissertation Title
Doyle, Michael GeorgeChemistry-MS: Erin BakerEvaluation of Anthropogenic Chemicals and their Environmental and Health Effects Using Mass Spectrometry.
Garcia, Jessie MarieChemistry-PhD: Gavin WilliamsImproving the Scope of Transferases via
Rational Design for Natural Product
Gonzalez Delgado, JessicaChemistry-PhD: Reza Ghiladi, Stefan FranzenA Comparative Study of the Backbone
Dynamics and the Effects of Substrate Binding on the Dehaloperoxidase-hemoglobin Isoenzymes.
Kwon, Hyuk YongChemistry-PhD: Elena JakubikovaElectronic Structure Calculations and Reduced Dimensional Potential Energy Surface Construction for First-row Transition Metal Chemistry.
Liang, ZhanhaoChemistry-PhD: Joshua PierceProgress towards Total Synthesis of Marine Natural Product Ansalactam A.
Machin Rivera, RogerChemistry-PhD: Vincent LindsayAddition of Carbon and Nitrogen Nucleophiles to Cyclopropanone Surrogates: Radical Ring Opening of Cyclopropanone Hemiaminals for
the Synthesis of Fused Heterocycles.
Tobb, Joshua LombardiChemistry-MS: Elon IsonInvestigation of High-valent Nitridorhenium Complexes Bearing PNP-pincer Type Ligands.