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Ghada Rabah Receives OUR-CURE Grant

This year, Teaching Professor Ghada Rabah has received the OUR-CURE Grant to grow collaborative interdisciplinary course-based undergraduate research experiences for students.

Prof. Ghada Rabah recently received funding from the Office of Undergraduate Research at NC State University to support her proposal for course-based undergraduate research experiences known as CUREs.

The overarching goal of this project is to develop the collaborative interdisciplinary Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (ci-CURE) program for the upper-level Advanced Measurement Techniques students in Chemistry and engage all enrolled students in collaborative interdisciplinary projects.

The ci-CURE approach has the advantage of making research accessible to all enrolled students and, as such, making scientific research more inclusive.

Projects are procured by reaching out to researchers who require high-end analytical instrumentation available in the teaching laboratory to answer research questions that can reasonably be tackled by small teams of students within the allotted course time. For the research collaborators and for the students, ci- CURE would be a win-win collaborative research initiative.

The proposed ci-CURE is modeled after engineering senior design experiences and is distinct compared to existing CURE programs in that it presents students with opportunities to collaborate with researchers from a wide range of applications that may be of interest to them.