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About the Department

  • The Department of Chemistry provides professional education for chemists at the undergraduate and graduate levels; teaches basic chemistry courses, which are needed by students enrolled in other department programs; advances the discipline of chemistry by conducting research; and serves the public by sharing information about chemistry through a variety of mechanisms and services.
  • The Department of Chemistry includes approximately 43 faculty, 160 graduate students, and 240 undergraduates involved in basic and applied chemical studies. The department offers BA, BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees. Our principal concentrations include physical, analytical, organic, energy/materials, and inorganic. Our programs include many tracks in each of our program areas – and thus provides the opportunity for an education broader than the conventional bachelor’s degrees in more traditional departments. Although our faculty are heavily involved in research, all courses in our majors are taught by faculty and all faculty are involved in teaching. The involvement of undergraduates and graduate students in research is a major emphasis.

About the Position

  • Candidates who propose to develop or study molecular- and/or materials-focused solutions to societal grand challenges in health and/or energy will be prioritized. In all cases, we seek candidates interested in developing innovative interdisciplinary programs targeting complex chemical and/or biological systems.
  • Successful candidates are expected to establish a nationally and internationally recognized research program and to demonstrate strong interests and abilities in teaching and mentoring at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Preference will be given to candidates whose research interests complement existing programs and initiatives in the Department, College of Sciences, and NC State University.
  • Inclusiveness and diversity are critical to the success of the College of Sciences and the University. The selected candidate will be expected to foster an environment that is supportive and welcoming to all.
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