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Prof. Edmond Bowden Retires

Ed Bowden Headshot
Edmond Bowden
Professor Emeritus

Prof. Bowden Announces his Retirement

On 1/12/2021, Prof. Edmond Bowden, Department of Chemistry Head, sent out the below message:

To my Chemistry colleagues,

Although it really almost does seem like yesterday that I walked into Dabney Hall to start my career, it was, in fact, July 1984.  After 37 years, this adventure is nearing its end, and I am announcing my retirement to begin this summer.  It will be a change, to be sure, but one that has been coming and one that I am very much looking forward to.  My time at NC State has been a long, rewarding journey and I feel truly honored to have made this journey with such amazing colleagues and friends. You are one terrific group of faculty and staff.  I will carry with me a cherished trove of great memories and goodwill.   From the day I started working as a junior faculty member, I believed in the potential of this department and university for greatness.   Indeed, that was a strong attraction for me in coming.  Despite painful setbacks along the way such as the economic derailing of our new chemistry building in 2008 (ugh), I have always retained my optimism.   We’ve achieved a lot together.   I could not be prouder of you and all that you have accomplished.

It has been a privilege to serve you since 2015 in my present role.   I have been working with Dean McGahan to develop an effective transition in leadership.  I am delighted to inform you that Gavin Williams will be taking over duties as Interim Head.   As you know, Gavin has served admirably as Associate Head for the past three years.  I cannot thank him enough for his valuable contributions, generosity, and unwavering support!  Over the past five years, I have also benefited from working with outstanding team members and I would like to acknowledge them for their tremendous service:  Laura Sremaniak (Associate Head), Jeremy Feducia (DUP), Catherine Lull (Business Officer), and Reza Ghiladi and Dave Shultz (DGPs).  Gavin will commence his new appointment on February 1, and I will be working closely with him throughout my remaining months to ensure a strong transition.

Although I will be stepping down as Head at the end of this month, I will, as noted, remain very active in the department up until I retire this summer.    After that, my interest in you and the welfare of our department will not diminish in the least.  I will be engaging with many of you albeit in different roles than my current one and will continue to support your efforts in whatever ways I can.

I am exceedingly grateful for your support, collegiality, and friendship over these many years.

Very best wishes to everyone,


Mixed Feelings, Appreciation, and Heartfelt Messages

Ghada Rabah wrote:


Thanks for committing to a smooth transition of leadership 🙂

On a more serious note: this is really a surprise and I am sad that you will be leaving. You have been a great support both as a head and in the analytical division. You will be missed!

I hope Covid will be behind us by June and we can all gather and celebrate your retirement.

Best wishes with the coming months and with retirement.

Dave Shultz wrote:


Thank you for all you’ve done in all your roles over the last 37 (!!) years! You’ve taught both service- and upper-level undergraduate courses, graduate courses, ran a funded research group, served on recruiting and admissions committees for decades, as well as served as both DGP and Head! Congratulations, Ed!

Most Sincerely,

Thomas Theis wrote:

Dear Ed,

Congratulations for all you have accomplished!

I want to thank you so much for bringing me into this wonderful department under your thoughtful, careful yet intentional guidance. In my opinion you are and have been a fantastic chair and we will all miss you as a chair but look forward to working with you in your future roles.

Best wishes and congratulations again!

Laura Sremaniak wrote:

Dear Ed,

 It is bittersweet to learn of your upcoming retirement. Thanks for all you have done for the department in all areas of teaching, research, service and administration.  Your vast institutional knowledge, love of science, commitment to the success of all who work and study in this department, your careful consideration of the issues before making decisions, and your steady hand at the helm during this rough and tumble time are  just a few of the many things I really have appreciated about you and your leadership.

 Best wishes on a wonderful retirement with freedom to pursue all the things that interest you!

Leslie Sombers wrote:

Dear Ed,

I just wanted to add to the others’ comments – thank you for all that you have done for our department. Your leadership and encouragement have helped many of us succeed, and we’ve been so fortunate to have had your expertise to rely on. I have really valued your support as our head and as an analytical colleague.

Best wishes for a long and enjoyable retirement.

Please join us in thanking and congratulating Ed for his dedication and leadership as Department Head over the last six years and for his roles as an instructor, researcher, DGP, and colleague in our Department over the last 37 years! A formal acknowledgment and celebration of Ed’s many accomplishments will be forthcoming.

37 years of dedicated service to the department, and more…