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Research Makes Journal Cover

Journal of Physical Chemistry C Cover, August 2020

Research led by James D. Martin, Berkley G. Hillis, and Feier Hou was featured on a recent cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, a leading journal published By the American Chemical Society (ACS). The research on Transition Zone Theory Compared to Standard Models: Reexamining the Theory of Crystal Growth from Melts, conducted by Professor of Chemistry James D. Martin and graduated students Berkley G. Hillis and Feier Hou, was selected for the cover illustration on the journal’s August 2020 issue.

About the Cover:

Organization of matter across the liquid–solid transition zone controls crystal growth rates. Polarized light microscopy shows a sharp melt–crystal growth interface. However, at the atomic/molecular level, the interface is less defined. The latter, represented by close-packed, ordered tennis balls, evolves through a transition zone into a random liquid distribution. Enthalpic and entropic factors across this transition zone determine the non-Arrhenius crystal growth rates.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c03003.