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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I’ve taken and passed the CPE with a score of 15 or greater, but I’m not being allowed to register for the course!”
A: There are other co-requisites for CH 101: you should be enrolling in the 3 co-requisites/components of CH 101 (lecture, recitation and CH 102 lab) all at the same time. Also, please allow until the start of the second business day for your CPE grade to be uploaded to appropriate administrative systems before attempting to register for CH 101. Currently, scores are not uploaded on weekends or holidays.  If you are still unable to enroll, complete the form here.

Q: “What if I’ve taken the AP Chemistry Exam or CHM 151 at a NC Community College?”
A: If one intends to use their AP score or their credit for CHM 151 to “place out” of CH 101, then the CPE is not required. Put simply, taking the CPE is correlated to intended registration in CH 101.

Q: “My internet connection went out during the exam!” (or other electronic vagary)
A:  Contact Dr. Robert Warren:

Q: “I was really close to the cutoff! Can I get another chance?” Or, “I’m sure I could do better — I was just a bit rusty.”
A:  No. However, if your score was in a range of 12-14, you should seriously consider our online module-based tutorials. Successful completion of these modules will satisfy the prerequisite and should assist you in being ready to begin your university-level chemistry with CH 101.

Q: “I didn’t do very well at all. What should I do next?”
A:  Talk with an academic adviser in your (intended) department. Any of the four options outlined in Section IX are available to you, but your department may have specific guidelines.

Q: “What if I’ve never taken chemistry before, but I think my degree program requires CH 101? Can I just take the CPE?”
A:  If one has completed less than one year of high-school chemistry and has no preparatory chemistry class from another college that will transfer, one MUST select CH 111. The prerequisites for CH 101 are: (1) a year of HS chemistry + successful CPE or (2) CH 111 or equivalent.