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Robert Warren



  • NRC Postdoctoral Research, US Naval Research Laboratory
  • Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, Dartmouth College
  • M.Div (cand.), University of Saint Thomas 
  • B.S. in Chemistry, Texas A&M University

Area of Research / Academic Expertise

  • Theoretical reaction collision dynamics (post-doc)
  • NMR shielding tensor calculation (graduate)
  • High-resolution IR spectroscopy (undergrad)

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose Chemistry as a field of study?

Because History doesn’t pay? Because Quantum Mechanical weirdness was appealing.

What interests do you have outside of chemistry?

  • ROTC & Military Life
  • RPG games (table top e.g. D&D or console e.g. Dark Souls)
  • Literature (Jane Austen; Patrick O’Brian; Classics)
  • Music (rock; punk; blues)
  • Culinary
  • Cards (Bridge & Texas Hold’em)