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Edmond F. Bowden, Professor & Interim Department Chair
Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Biomolecules
208 Dabney Hall, (919) 515-4563 / 515-2355
Fax: (919) 515-5079
323 Partners III, (919) 515-7069

Phil Brown, Teaching Professor
General and Organic Chemistry
617 Dabney, (919) 513-2584


Felix Castellano, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor
Inorganic Chemistry
Partners III Rm 319, Voice: (919) 515-3021; Fax: (919) 515-8909

Wei-chen Chang, Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
525B Dabney, (919) 513-7351


Jeremiah Feducia, Teaching Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
General Chemistry
108B Dabney, (919) 515-2296

Jaap Folmer, Senior Lecturer
Physical Chemistry
822 Dabney, (919) 513-7792

Denis Fourches, Assistant Professor
Computational Chemistry
322 Ricks Hall

Stefan Franzen, Professor and COS Liaison for STEM International Programs
Physical Chemistry
363D Partners III, (919) 515-8915
FAX: (919) 515-8920


Maria T. Gallardo-Williams, Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Organic Laboratories
Organic Chemistry
252 Fox, (919) 515-2539

Reza A. Ghiladi, Associate Professor
Inorganic Chemistry
525A Dabney, (919) 513-0680

Christopher B. Gorman, Professor
Organic and Materials Chemistry
363F Partners III, (919) 515-4252
FAX: (919) 515-8920


Ana Ison, Teaching Assistant Professor
General Chemistry, Advanced Synthesis Labs
328 Dabney

Elon Ison, Associate Professor
Inorganic Chemistry
811 Dabney, (919) 513-4376


Elena Jakubikova, Associate Professor
Computational Chemistry
732 Dabney, (919) 515 -1808


Vincent Lindsay, Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
434A Dabney

Jonathan S. Lindsey, Glaxo Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry
Organic, Bio-organic, and Materials Chemistry
412B Dabney, (919) 515-6406


Paul Maggard, Associate Professor
Inorganic, Solid-State and Materials Chemistry
736 Dabney, 515-3616

James D. Martin, Professor
Inorganic Materials at the Interface of Molecular and Solid State Chemistry
822A Dabney, (919) 515-3402

Christian Melander, Howard Schaeffer Professor
Bio-organic Chemistry
527A Dabney, 513-2960

David C. Muddiman, Distinguished Professor
Mass Spectrometry
Cox 608E, (919) 513-0084


Alexander A Nevzorov, Associate Professor
Biophysical Solid-State NMR
635 Dabney Hall, (919) 515-3199
FAX: (919) 515-2545

Greg Neyhart, Teaching Associate Professor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
General and Inorganic Chemistry
108A Dabney, (919) 513-2585


Maria Oliver-Hoyo, Professor
Chemical Education
635A Dabney, (919) 515-2212


Lori Petrovich, Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of General Chemistry Laboratories
General Chemistry
248 Fox, (919) 513-4877

Joshua G. Pierce, Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
840 Dabney, (919) 513-1489

Caroline Proulx, Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
511 Dabney


Ghada Abed Rabah, Teaching Assistant Professor
General and Analytical Chemistry
Dabney 814, (919) 515-4207


Kay Sandberg, Teaching Professor
General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
250 Fox, (919) 515-1327

David A. Shultz, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Organic Chemistry, Organic Magnetic Assemblies
363C Partners III, (919) 515-6972
Fax: (919) 515-8920

Alex I. Smirnov, Professor
Physical Chemistry
614F Cox, (919) 513-4377

Tatyana I. Smirnova, Associate Professor
Physical Chemistry
612B Cox, (919) 513-4375

Leslie Sombers, Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry
411B Cox, (919) 515-0320

Laura Sremaniak, Teaching Professor
Physical Chemistry
604D Cox, (919) 515-2937


Gufeng Wang, Assistant Professor
Analytical Chemistry
405A Cox, (919) 515-1819

Robert Warren, Teaching Associate Professor
General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
254 Fox, (919) 513-4875

Walter W. Weare, Assistant Professor
Inorganic Chemistry
363D Partners III, (919) 515-1746
Fax: (919) 515-8920

Mike H. Whangbo, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic and Computational Chemistry
726 Dabney, (919) 515-3464

Gavin Williams, Associate Professor
Bio-Organic Chemistry
850 Dabney, (919) 862-3127

Emeritus Faculty

Alton J. Banks, Professor Emeritus
Chemical Education and Inorganic Chemistry
321A Dabney, (919) 515-8903

Robert D. Bereman, Professor Emeritus
Inorganic Chemistry

Charles B. Boss, Associate Professor Emeritus
Analytical Chemistry

Carl L. Bumgardner, Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

Halbert H. Carmichael, Professor Emeritus
Physical Chemistry

Daniel L. Comins, Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry
434 Dabney, Voice: (919) 515-2911; Fax: (202) 513-8757

Forrest Getzen, Professor Emeritus
Physical Chemistry

Kenneth W. Hanck, Professor Emeritus
Analytical Chemistry

Forrest C. Hentz, Professor Emeritus
Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Education

Morteza Khaledi, Professor Emeritus

Sol Levine, Lecturer Emeritus

Suzanne T. Purrington, Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

William L. Switzer, Associate Professor Emeritus
Analytical Chemistry

William P. Tucker, Professor Emeritus
Chemical Education, Organic Chemistry

Dennis W. Wertz, Associate Professor Emeritus
Physical/Inorganic Chemistry

Jerry L. Whitten, Professor Emeritus
Theoretical Chemistry
604B Cox, (919) 515-7960

Adjunct and Associate Faculty

Dimitris S. Argyropoulos, Finland Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Organic, Polymer & Materials Chemistry,
Departments of Forest Biomaterials & Chemistry
3104 Biltmore Hall, (919) 515-7708

Michael S. Bereman, Associate Professor
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
and Proteomics Section Leader
Center for Human Health and the Environment
0208 Toxicology Building, (919) 515-8520

Volker Bornemann, Adjunct Professor

Robert J. Buenker, Adjunct Professor

T. Brent Gunnoe, Adjunct Professor
Organometallic, Inorganic, Polymer and Organic Chemistry
University of Virginia

Lucian A. Lucia, Associate Professor
Soft Materials Chemistry
714A Dabney Hall
3108 Robertson Hall
(919) 515-7707
FAX: (919) 515-6302

Robert A. Mantz, Adjunct Associate Professor
Advanced Energy Conversion Program Manager, Army Research Office
(919) 549-5309

Bruce Novak, Adjunct Professor
Organic Chemistry

David Winwood, Adjunct Professor
Centennial Campus Partnership Office, (919) 515-7036

Research Professors

Greg McCarty, Research Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry
422 Cox, (919) 513-4029

Roberta Melander, Research Assistant Professor
517/512 Dabney, (919) 515-9369

Masahiko Taniguchi, Research Associate Professor
415 Dabney, (919) 515-2940
Fax: (919) 513-2830

Maxim Voynov, Research Assistant Professor
614G Cox, (919) 515-3209

Mailing Address is:
North Carolina State University
Box 8204
Department of Chemistry
2620 Yarbrough Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695-8204

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