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Safety Resources

Report Forms – Accident, Incident and Safety Concern

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Lab Coats
    • Provided by the Chemistry Department to all students, faculty, and staff through CINTAS issue and laundry service.
    • Three types of coats available: Regular, Flame Resistant (FR), and Flame Resistant:Chemical Protectant (FR/CP).
  • To check out a lab coat in Dabney Hall – contact Alan Harvell or drop by the Dabney Stockroom during operating hours, M-F 10am-12pm
    • These are general issue and can be swapped out for cleaning as frequently as you’d like.
    • NOTE: If you check out a Flame Resistant (FR) or Flame Resistant/Chemical Protectant (FR/CP), you will be automatically enrolled in a weekly reminder email to turn your coat in for laundering. (This is necessary to maintain the flame resistant protection of the fabric.)
    • To check out a lab coat in Partners III, contact Premila Jayaratne to place an order.
    • In Partners III, lab coats are personally assigned.
    • NOTE: Orders may take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled.
  • Prescription Safety Glasses
    • Bring corrective prescription and order form to one of the vendors listed under the “Safety Glasses” heading on the DPS Prescription Glasses website
    • Have vendor fill out the form with your choice of pair and color.
    • Email the form to Jackie Hughes in the Chemistry Business Office. Upon receipt, she will mail or fax it to the makers.
    • Makers will ship the glasses to the vendor from whom you made the order and there you can pick them up.

Safety Training

Inspection Preparation

Safety Moment Slideshows

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Lessons Learned Archives from other Universities

Research Mentoring Guide

This mentoring guide is intended for both mentors and mentees. In it, you will find a how-to outline for establishing and maintaining fruitful and mutually beneficial research mentoring relationships in the Chemistry discipline, covering a multiplicity of possible connections, including Principle Investigator to graduate student, graduate student to graduate student, graduate student to undergraduate student, and Principle Investigator or graduate student to high school student.