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Chemistry Startups

Many of our chemistry scientists create startup companies that seek to change the world.

MSI Software Solutions

David Muddiman

MSI Software Solutions, LLC is dedicated to the continuous development and refinement of MSI Reader to provide the MSI community with a diverse range of effective and efficient tools to support your research.

NIRvana Sciences

Jonathan Lindsey

We develop dyes through corporate partnerships for life science applications.


Jonathan Lindsey

Creating a cure for metastatic cancer through the use of novel molecular radionuclide technology.

PhotoCide Protection

Reza Ghiladi

Mitigating the impact of surface-transmitted infectious diseases by providing long-lasting self-disinfecting materials and coating solutions that work against a wide variety of pathogens.

Synoxa Sciences

Joshua Pierce

Working to develop novel small molecule antibiotics that are effective against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.

Vizma Life Sciences

Thomas Theis

Our technology allows new ways of generating safer and more reliable drug candidates. Our systems open up new ways to view molecular processes in vivo, transforming preclinical and clinical imaging for good.