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Jakubikova, Maggard, Pierce Promoted to Full Professors

A photo including Elena Jakubikova, Paul Maggard, and Josh Pierce Headshots
From left to right: Elena Jakubikova, Paul Maggard, Joshua Pierce

We are thrilled to announce that Elena Jakubikova, Paul Maggard, and Joshua Pierce have been promoted to Full Professors, effective August 16, 2022.

Join us in congratulating them for this significant achievement that recognizes their extraordinary contributions and dedication to chemistry research, education, and service.

Elena Jakubikova

Her research uses computational chemistry tools to study ground and excited state properties of molecular compounds with potential application as light-harvesting molecules in solar cells or photocatalytic systems. Check out her group website.

Paul Maggard

His research covers the Synthesis of Crystalline Metastable Oxides and the Hybrid Semiconducting Photoelectrodes for Solar Energy Conversion to Liquid Fuels. Check out his group website.

Joshua Pierce

His research covers the areas of Natural Products Synthesis, Methods Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Drug Discovery. Check out his group website.