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On Sept. 16, NC State Day of Giving Shows We’re Stronger as a Pack

Day of Giving Stronger as a Pack logo over image of Belltower

On Sept. 16, NC State will hold a special fall edition of its annual Day of Giving fundraising event, with the theme Stronger as a Pack.

The 2020 edition of Day of Giving was originally scheduled to take place March 25 but was postponed to focus on more immediate and urgent challenges arising from the novel coronavirus pandemic. Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack will focus on meeting students’ basic needs, need-based scholarships and diversity and inclusion programming. Support for enhancement funds, which allow deans and department heads to quickly respond to these priorities at the college level, also will be part of the effort.

Nearly every aspect of campus life will be represented on Day of Giving, from individual colleges to athletics. In addition, to better support the Wolfpack during the pandemic and build a more equitable and inclusive campus, several funds will be spotlighted throughout the day, including:

  • The University’s Greatest Needs Fund, which provides greater flexibility to respond to emerging challenges;
  • The newly launched Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, which provides need-based scholarships, particularly for first-generation students, those from rural areas and those otherwise underrepresented in higher education;
  • The Student Emergency Fund, which since March has supported more than 2,000 students facing unexpected financial challenges, through microgrants; and
  • The Diversity and Equity Fund, which supports impactful programs and initiatives that build an inclusive, accessible and diverse intellectual and cultural campus experience.

Providing Funding Flexibility

Ongoing fundraising efforts like Day of Giving allow the university to be more flexible in responding to new and emerging priorities — such as those that have arisen in the face of the pandemic.

By supplementing state appropriations, annual gifts make an immediate difference, strengthening existing resources and creating new opportunities in scholarships, programs, experiential learning and more.

Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack will also highlight the ways bolstering new and existing diversity, equity and inclusion funds will catalyze positive change across campus.

“We have seen an extraordinary response from our community over the past several months,” said Brian Sischo, vice chancellor for university advancement. “Those who are in a position to give back to NC State right now are stepping forward to uplift our students, ensure their needs are met and create a more supportive, inclusive campus. Day of Giving is a great way to do that. Whether we are together or physically distanced, we’re stronger as a Pack.”

The fundraising event is part of the university’s broader Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, which launched in late 2016.

This phase of the Campaign is focused particularly on investing more in North Carolina students, especially those from rural communities, those who are the first in their families to attend college and those from groups underrepresented in higher education. The Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative is one of the many areas donors can choose to support on Day of Giving. As students’ financial situations change due to the economic impact of the pandemic, need-based scholarships will become increasingly important.

Every Gift Goes Further

A unique feature of Day of Giving is the availability of a pool of bonus funds, which are funds specifically designated for university enhancement. The bonus funds will amplify every gift made online through challenges and leaderboard competitions throughout the day.

Colleges, units and programs across campus will compete in one of the three divisions: Red and White Division leaderboards, comprising colleges and units like the NC State University Libraries and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, and the University Priorities leaderboard, which inspires friendly competition among key programs, initiatives and offices, such the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, the Park Scholarships program and the Caldwell Fellows program.

Additionally, the bonus funds support all-day and hourly giving challenges, which will secure additional dollars for the winners’ preferred area of support. Challenges are geared to different audiences throughout the day, including out-of-state members of the Pack, first-time donors and the 2,620th gift — which honors the date Christina Koch landed from her incredible space flight.

Dedicated donors to individual colleges and programs have also committed to leveraging their own gifts to inspire others through specific matching challenges based on dollars raised or number of gifts.

Because Day of Giving is tailored toward making philanthropy accessible and participation-focused, the day will offer ways to get involved and support NC State if making a gift isn’t a possibility.

Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack begins at midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Sept. 16, and ends at 11:59 p.m — with first and last gift challenges bookending the day. To add a save-the-date reminder to your calendar or learn more about the day, visit

This post was originally published in Giving News.