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Online teaching tips from Maria Gallardo-Williams

Maria Gallardo-Williams
Online Teaching Tips

Creating Videos of Labs

Online Teaching Tips from Maria Gallardo-Williams
Maria Gallardo-Williams

Maria Gallardo-Williams is a teaching associate professor, director of organic chemistry labs, and alumni association distinguished undergraduate professor. Gallardo-Williams served as a 2015-2017 DELTA Faculty Fellow and has led the way for using technology in the classroom. Along with her tips for lab videos,Gallardo-Williams started a Twitter thread to share some of her organic chemistry open resources for academic continuity. Visit Gallardo-Williams’ Twitter page to join the conversation and view additional resources. Check out her tips for adding online components below:

  • Labs are probably one of the most challenging educational activities to do via distance education. We (in the organic chemistry labs) are very lucky to have a robust set of videos and virtual reality experiences that we can use in an emergency.
  • If you don’t, there is time to do some quick lab videos, just film yourself or some students (with permission) completing the lab activities, and then you can edit the video to highlight any required equations, equipment needs, or content that is not reflected in the video. If you couple this with a set of data that you provide to students, you can at least finish the semester without disruptions.
  • Learning management systems will need to be engaged for the delivery of lab and lecture materials. If you use Moodle, you can post your lab videos to YouTube and link them to your Moodle site. This is a quick and easy way to share video content with your students. Alternatively, you could use My Mediasite to add narration to your slides. This is an easy way to provide online content using resources that you might have ready.
  • Zoom and Google Hangouts can be used for remote office hours, or even distance lab hours. Teaching assistants can be available via either media for students that are working on labs at home.

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