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Alumni Corner

We have heard from a few alumni since our last edition, and we would love to hear from more of you. Send us a short update and we will include it in the next newsletter.

  • Justin Kennemur (Ph.D. ’10) is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Florida State University and recently received an NSF CAREER Award.
  • Daniel Shin (Ph.D. ’92) recently retired from Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, as professor and director and is now traveling with an Airstream all over the country.
  • Karim El Roz (Ph.D. ’17) finished his postdoc at the University of Southern California and is currently employed at Intel in Arizona.
  • Chelsea Taliaferro (Ph.D. ’19) is also employed at Intel in Oregon.
  • Sofia Garakyaraghi (Ph.D. ’18) finished her postdoc at Princeton University and is now the managing editor of ACS Central Science in Washington, D.C. Sofia was also elected as co-chair of the Gordon Research Symposium on Photochemistry which took place in Easton, Massachusetts.
  • Dilek Dogutan (Ph.D. ’08) is now a principal research scientist at the Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
  • Jack McElravey (B.S. ’16) is manager, brand payer and access marketing at GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Steve Walsh (Ph.D. ’15) is a senior scientist/group leader at Novozymes.
  • Jacob Nelson (B.S. ’17) is now associate scientist at LORD Corporation.
  • Damaris E. Pérez (Ph.D. ’18) is a scientist at Catalent Pharma Solutions.
  • Rob Huigens (Ph.D. ’09) is an assistant professor at the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy.
  • Genetta Young (B.S. ’19) is now a graduate student at George Washington University.
  • Kristina (Toups) Butler (B.S. ’07) is now a Chemist IV at Albermarle Corporation