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The TA

Teaching Requirements

Packages of Assigned Teaching (PATs) have been designed to make all of the various teaching assignments in the department as fairly distributed as possible.  The packages are based upon a combination of traditional values, faculty input and recent TA survey results.  We re-visit the formulas every year and re-balance them to maximize equity and fairness. The average weekly time commitment of each package is approximately 15 hours per week, although some weeks may be higher due to a grading component or lower without a lab or session scheduled.  Students on full TA are required to commit to a PAT each Fall and Spring semester, for a total of two PATs per academic year, based on the Package of Assigned Teaching. You will log in to GradWatch using your Unity ID and password to sign up for available TA slots on the date and time indicated in the email.

An academic year in Chemistry is Summer Session II (SSII), Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Session (I). Thus, the academic year ends at the end of Summer Session I (when you should have completed two packages of assignments) of a given academic year (about June 30th). First year students typically begin the TA in the Fall semester. Continuing students may begin earning teaching credit for the next year with the start of SSII. Students may carry over teaching credits from prior semesters, however excessive front-loading during the summer is prohibited. You need to complete your obligation by the end of the following SSI unless you have made specific arrangements with the DGP or Graduate Office.

Below are several handouts for your reference that cover detailed job descriptions of the CH 102 and CH 202 TA and an overview of the Chemistry Tutorial Center.