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Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association of NC State (CGSA) has the goal of establishing and deepening relationships with: the Department of Chemistry, graduate students from additional departments, the local community, and the thriving chemistry community in North Carolina.

We wish to engage our department by hosting social events and fundraisers and to establish connections with graduate students of various departments by collaborating and volunteering. By partnering with local schools to spark interest in science, we will serve the community with service and education. Moreover, we strive to create professional relationships with the local industry by providing networking events to promote our students and NC State.

2023-2024 Officers

Executive Board

  • President – Sydney Welch (She/Her)
  • Vice President – Michael Kirsch (He/Him)
  • Treasurer – Alissa Meo (They/Them)
  • Secretary – Juliana O’Brien (She/Her)
  • GSA Rep – Ellen Warner (She/Her)
  • Standing Committees
  • Social Media Chair – Carolyn Farling (She/Her
  • Social Events Chair – Karlee McKinney (She/Her)
  • Elections Representatiave – Owen Hughes (He/Him)
  • DEI Representative – Emily Brown ( She/Her)
  • Outreach – open
  • International Student Liaison – Sanjay Kalliat (He/Him)
  • Webmaster General – Angela Shipman ( She/Her)
  • Faculty Advisor – Jun Ohata (He/Him)