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Professional Research Presentation at a National or Regional Meeting

Students are required to give a research presentation at a regional, well-recognized, discipline-specific, national or regional meeting before the end of your 8th semester. The department will provide a one-time, up to $500 in reimbursement for travel expenses. It is mandatory that the successful completion of this requirement be submitted to the Graduate Office. Please refer to the directions here. Not fulfilling this requirement will result in delay of graduation.

Travel and Funding Stipulations

Eligibility for Travel Funds: student must be in at least their fourth semester and has their Preliminary Oral Exam completed or scheduled with the Chemistry Graduate Office and the Graduate School. Deadline for consideration for departmental funding: SIX months before a national meeting; THREE months before a regional meeting. If you missed the preferred deadline, contact the Grad Office.

Prior to the end of your 8th semester you must have advisor approval to orally present research at a national/regional meeting and discuss sources of funding for that travel. If an oral presentation is not possible, a poster presentation will be allowed with prior approval in the form of an email from both your advisor and the Program Director. Sources of funding for this travel include:

  1. Research Advisor’s grant(s): Such as a detailed budget approved by your advisor*
  2. Application to internal (NC State) travel awards, ACS Division of Organic Chem, and  ACS Travel Awards
  3. Chemistry Department funds of up to $500

*NOTE: If no grants are available, faculty can use any funding source that is at their discretion which also allows travel. If there are no other funding sources, they need to consider choosing a meeting that is similar to SERMACS where the total costs will be on the lower end, as the Department will only assist with an amount up to $500. If a student secures a travel scholarship, that, of course may allow him/her to select a more expensive meeting.

Complete and submit a Notice of Intent to Travel (document attached below) to the Chemistry Graduate Office at least six months before a national meeting or three months before a regional meeting. Students CANNOT APPLY for departmental travel funds until AFTER either grant funding has been committed for the travel, and/or the student has submitted an application for internal or external funding. Not submitting the complete form before your travel will result in your ineligibility for the request of departmental travel funds. After submitting the Notice of Intent to Travel, send proof via email to the Chemistry Graduate Office ( of other sources of funding for the travel such as the detailed budget approved by your advisor for using his/her grant funds or application (or award letter) for internal (NC State) or external travel award(s). Incomplete documents will not be accepted and will result in denial of departmental funding.

After submitting the Notice of Intent to Travel  to the Chemistry Graduate Office and receiving email notice verifying your eligibility to travel, complete and save an online Travel Authorization (TA) prior to making any travel arrangements. You will upload your Notice of Intent to Travel on the TA.  The TA is available through MyPack portal. 

Under “Reference Number” at the top of the (TA), please write: Req Grad Travel. Contact Jackie Hughes at (919) 515-7361 or for questions about the online Travel Authorization. Refer to the sample TA form to help you.