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Checklist Items

Preparing for your Final Defense and Graduation.

  • Decide on a time and date for your final defense and reserve a room.
  • Complete the Request to Schedule Doctoral Oral Examination or Request to Schedule Master’s Oral Examination and turn it into the Grad Office.
  • Apply for graduation!
  • Two weeks before your exam date, deliver your document to your entire committee (ask if they prefer electronic or bound copies).
  • Contact the Graduate Office regarding the delivery of exam forms. Note that your committee may use an electronic option.
  • Defend and pass, then collect completed forms (check for all signatures and check-marks) and return ALL OF THEM to the Graduate Office after your exam. Note that your committee may use an electronic option.
  • If you are leaving for a job shortly after your defense, inform the Graduate Office so we end your employment/funding. NOTE: If you leave too early in the semester, the DGP may have to request an exception for GSSP, otherwise you’ll receive a tuition bill and you will not graduate until it is paid. Note that in most cases, your bill will be paid but you will still receive an email stating that you won’t graduate until the bill is paid.
  • Having any outstanding bills or holds on your student account will mean NO DIPLOMA, for example, from the Health Center.
  • Before you leave, make sure you do a final chemical clean-out and reassignment in your lab (contact our Safety Officer, Melinda Box – for more information on the process). Not doing these things may delay graduation.

Returning Keys, Lab Coats, and Other Checked-Out Equipment

Before you permanently leave your lab make sure you return all keys, lab coats and other checked-out equipment to the Chemistry Stockroom Manager, open only by appointment, schedule a service appointment here or call 919.515.2547. The Department will bill you for any outstanding business and this may consequently cause a hold to be placed on your diploma’s release. If you have any questions about what you need to return please contact the Electronic Instrument Shop at 515-2213 or visit them in DAB 48 (basement).

  • Make sure you know your final deadline for submission of your ETD.
  • Let the Grad Office know if you plan to attend the Departmental Graduation Ceremony.