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Errors to Avoid

CH 102 Sign-Up Errors to Watch

Always refer to the Package of Assigned Teaching before signing up for your labs. TAs should check the room number and attempt to sign up for consecutive labs in the same room. The section numbers for labs in the same room differ by four (e.g. -002, -006, -010, -014, and -018 are all in FOX 222) in the spring and differ by six in the fall.

Try to avoid signing up for grading or tutorial during your lab period. TAs who sign up for simultaneous duties will have their schedules adjusted by the lab coordinators, and be placed in the grading and/or tutorial sections remaining. This may result in a less convenient schedule, so please review ALL aspects of your schedule carefully when signing up.

The later lab sections on Tuesday often get canceled due to low enrollment, so don’t rely on those sections.

Problem Session Concerns

Always refer to the Package of Assigned Teaching before signing up for recitations. Sign up for problem sessions under one instructor. Usually to fulfill the semester requirements, this means four recitations and one 102 lab. The Lab Coordinator will review sign-up and will drop excessive sections to ensure all TAs are in compliance.