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Guidelines for MS POW

Graduate Course Work Completed & Proposed (include classes you plan to take)

  • Advisory Committee: You need at least two committee members other than the chair. Be sure to contact them and obtain their agreement to serve prior to starting your POW.
  • You need at least 30 semester hours of coursework.  At least 18 credit hours must be graduate credits from graded courses earned while enrolled in the graduate program. The remaining 12 credits may be from additional graded courses and/or research/thesis. You may use a total of 12 credits of graduate level coursework from another university with the approval of the DGP and your advisor. Please receive proper advisement prior to starting your POW.
  • Include CH 610 if you took it and got an S.  If you did not, do not include the course.
  • Include a minimum of two semesters of CH 601, the department requires you to register for CH 601 until your 4th semester.  You need a grade of S for it to count.  If you received a grade of U, do not include on your POW.
  • Include research credits, CH 695, in which you received an S grade to complete the credit hour requirement.
  • Include 6 graded courses which will total 18 credit hours.
  • You may include thesis credits, CH 699 if you need additional hours.
  • Do NOT include CH 693 or CH 696
  • If you switched from the PhD to the Master’s you may use 800 level courses to fulfill the seminar and research requirements.