International Travel Policy

We understand that you may have the opportunity to travel abroad for purposes of research collaborations, to visit family, to renew your visa, or simply for pleasure. Traveling abroad is a great experience, but it can cause a lot of problems for us here at NCSU. In the past, we’ve had students get stranded due to visa issues, which not only becomes a big issue for the student overseas, but we have to scramble to figure out what to do about the stipend, classes, TA assignments, RA duties, etc. To help simplify any potential problems, we have a policy for this. If travelling abroad for more than one month at a time, please visit the NCSU Foreign National Tax Office site for more information. International students should check with OIS prior to departure to ensure the travel will not cause problems with your immigration status. Not obtaining proper approval may jeopardize your visa and/or your GSSP.

All students traveling internationally during Fall, Winter, or Summer break are required to: 

  1. Inform BOTH (a) their advisor (or DGP if no advisor has been selected), (b) the appropriate Lab Coordinator if on an active TA assignment, and (c) the Graduate Office of the dates, destination(s) and reasons for travel.
  2. Contact OIS about rules and regulations concerning traveling abroad (if student is international on an F1 Visa)
  3. Select a substitute for any potentially missed TA assignments due to flight delays or detainment caused by Visa issues.
  4. Discuss with advisor research alternatives and stipend reduction/termination due to flight delays or detainment caused by Visa issues.

Students traveling abroad must complete either the Travel Policy TA or Travel Policy RA form below and return it to the Graduate Office with appropriate signatures. Not filing the form may result in termination of your TA or RA support.