Registration & Courses


Do not procrastinate! Everyone needs to register for the upcoming semester to guarantee funding is available for everyone, so do not put this off!

Visit the Student Services site to view enrollment deadlines.

To keep your current TAs or RAs you must register for 9-15 credit hours (unless you’re beyond GSSP support limits, see below) during semesters 1-3 for Master’s students, semesters 1-6 for doctoral students who already have a previous Master’s, and for semesters 1-8 for all other doctoral students (see the GSSP chart for details).

Registering incorrectly = Tuition bill and loss of funding/health insurance

Chemistry graduate students register for one credit of seminar (CH 801 for PhD students or CH 601 for Master’s) each semester until your enrollment requirements drop to 3 credit hours as determined by GSSP. In other words, your minimum enrollment will be 10 credit hours per semester, but you may register for more than 10 credits. Make sure you register for the correct course, otherwise it won’t count on your POW. That means PhD students register for 801 and Master’s students register for CH 601. Please try not to confuse this.

If you completed the requirement for graded courses, then you should only register for one credit of seminar (CH 801 or CH 601) and for 9 credits of research (CH 895 for doctoral students or CH 695 for Master’s students) offered by your faculty advisor. If you still need to take graded courses and you will not audit them, make sure your total credits add up to at least 10 but no more than 15 credits to continue your GSSP benefits. Graduate research allows you to assign up to a maximum of 9 credit hours when you register for it, so adjust accordingly. Please pay attention to the credit load when registering for research. Make sure you register for the correct course, otherwise it won’t count on your POW.

What is an Audit? 

If you do not need a course and you want to take it for personal enrichment or because your advisor recommends you to sit in, please register for it as an audit. If you’re having trouble designating a course as an audit, please contact the Graduate Office directly with your request. Though the credit load of the audited course adds to your tuition bill, it does not fulfill GSSP requirements. In other words, if you register for a total of 9 credits and the course you plan to audit is for 3 credits, only 6 of those credits count toward GSSP, which is not enough and you will lose your GSSP funding and benefits. If you decide to change to an audit late into the semester you will need a written statement authorizing you to do so by the Director and it’s going to become a paperwork nightmare FOR YOU.

Register Correctly!

If you’re a Master’s student, you register for CH 601 and CH 695. If you’re a doctoral student you register for CH 801 and CH 895. They are NOT interchangeable, so register correctly. The Graduate Office will review your schedules and we will contact you if you register incorrectly, so it is to your advantage to get it right the first time. If you register incorrectly and nobody catches it on time, you will have to do the paperwork and obtain a series of signatures and written statements to modify your schedule after the add deadline. Incorrect registration may result in cessation of GSSP benefits, holds placed on your record, dropped schedules, and tuition bills sent directly to you. International students who register incorrectly may even face losing visa status and may have to return to their home countries to get it all sorted.

Registration for 3rd- 5th year students

If you will reach the minimum number of credit hours (30 for MS or 72 for PhD) within the semester you are registering for, you may register for the number of credit hours that will bring you to the minimum requirement.  After you have reached the minimum number of credits you will continue to register for at least 3 credits in order to remain a full time student. PhD students with a previous Master’s who will be in semester 7+, and PhD students who will be in semester 9+ only register for 3 credits of CH 899 or 3-5 credits of CH 895. Master’s students who will be in semester 4+, only register for 3 credits of CH 699 or 3-5 credits of CH 695.  Do not register for anything else. Check the “Ketchup & Mustard Chart” to determine where you stand.

Number of earned credits for PhD   Number of credit needed to be considered full time   Number of earned credits for MS   Number of credit needed to be considered full time
Less than 64 credits  9 credits  Less than 22 credits  9 credits
64 credits  8 credits  23 credits  8 credits
65 credits  7 credits  24 credits  7 credits
66 credits  6 credits  25 credits  6 credits
67 credits  5 credits  26 credits  5 credits
68 credits  4 credits  27 credits  4 credits
more than 68 credits  3 credits  more than 27 credits  3 credits

REVIEW: Graduate School policy- Full time Determination for fall and spring 


Financial Aid defines enrollment status a little differently, so if you receive any form of financial aid that requires you to register for at least half-time, you should register for 5+ credits, which is viewed as half-time by Financial Aid but as full-time by the Graduate School for GSSP purposes. If you are receiving financial aid (loans, etc. besides GSSP), or are deferring loans, LET THE GRAD OFFICE KNOW.


There are no funding exceptions available for students beyond GSSP support limits. Though by registering for 3 credits you will still qualify for the GSSP health insurance if you are on an active contract, only if your advisor puts you on RA, or if the Graduate Office is able to negotiate a department-funded TA (funds may not be available unless we hear otherwise from our administration), will you continue to have the tuition benefit under GSSP. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for your own tuition and fees. If your advisor puts you on RA, make sure you know the details of your support (i.e. know if you must pay for your own tuition) and inform the Graduate Office of your advisor’s plans. Registering for fewer than 3 credits disqualifies you from GSSP. If you must support yourself, note that you may register for fewer than 3 credits but will have to provide your own health insurance. Please refer to the Cashier’s site for information on payment plans and current tuition and fee rates.