Plan of Work

Students must complete their Plan of Work (POW) by no later than 12 months after entry.

POW Due Dates

Fall Entry

Students who entered the program in the fall semester must submit their POW by July 31st.

Spring Entry

Students who entered the program in the spring semester must submit their POW by December 31st.

Instructions for completing the online POW

The POW is your and your advisor’s plan of courses you’ve taken and plan to take to obtain your degree. When you first log into your POW through MyPack Portal > Student Self Service > Academic Records > Graduate Plan of Work you’ll be able to use one of the templates based on whether you’re a Master’s or PhD student. Choose the one that fits your current situation. If you don’t know which one to choose, refer to the guidelines or contact the Graduate Office. The templates list the requirements you’ll need to complete your POW.

Next to each requirement you’ll see a Select button. Click on it and it will take you to the Course Search screen. You can search the Course Catalog and you’ll see only the courses permitted to fulfill that requirement, but you can also search your Graduate Transcript for the courses. If you decide to take courses from your transcript it will only let you pick from select courses. If you took a course from another department and it DOES NOT appear on the list contact the Graduate Office to allow those additional courses.

Finish selecting your courses until you complete the POW. Make sure you save your work as you go along (if you submit the POW you’ll receive a message automatically telling you what’s missing and the system won’t let you complete the submission, which may be a good way to make sure you’re doing it correctly). With each save, the system will automatically add the credit hours, which you’ll see in the upper right-hand corner under Total Units. That will help you keep track of whether or not you’re inputting sufficient hours. When you get to the last row and you find that you still don’t have enough hours, you can click the Add Row button on the bottom left and keep inputting graded courses or research until you reach or surpass the minimum credit hours for your particular plan. It’s OK to go beyond the minimum hours, but it’s not OK to be under. Once you’re done, save your work and click on the committee tab at the very top (tabs).

Add the number of committee members as necessary for your particular POW. There is no template for this section to allow you more flexibility. Just follow the instructions in the Graduate Student Training and Operations Manual for adding your committee. Keep in mind that for the PhD you’ll need at least three committee members apart from your advisor to form your four-person committee. For Master’s, you’ll need at least two committee members apart from your advisor to form your three-person committee. Indicate the type (or role) of the members you add based on your particular POW. Chemistry faculty should always appear as chemistry faculty even if other department classifications appear along their name. If a faculty member from another department will serve as your minor representative, indicate that. If you have a co-major, indicate the co-major representative.

Once you’ve added your committee members, save your work and you should be sent back to the POW main page. If not, just use the tabs to navigate back so you can double check your POW.

After submitting your POW, your committee will receive email invitations to formally serve and to approve the POW. Please note that you should still first approach faculty members by email or in person to request that they serve on your committee. The on-line submission is only for documenting everyone’s approval.