Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

The current annual premium for Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) under the Graduate Student Support Plan.  If you are on an active TA/RA through GSSP you have this premium paid at no cost to you as a benefit of your TA/RA.

Student Blue is the plan offered to students. You may add your spouse and children to the plan at varying rates. Go to the site directly for additional information about your health insurance plan.

NCSU offers a separate insurance for all enrolled students. It is mandatory for enrolled students (if enrolled in 3 credits or more) who cannot show proof of having any other form of medical insurance. You may waive out of the NCSU insurance plan, during the waiver period. If you have a TA/RA on GSSP you do not have to do the hard waiver. The GSSP Coordinator, Caroline Ortiz-Deaton, will send a list to the Cashiers Office with the names of all students on currently on GSSP for an automatic waiver of the University Insurance. That means you do not have to waive yourself out of the University’s plan, however you may still do so if you desire.

Declining Coverage

If you want to decline enrollment in the insurance plan offered under the GSSP, send a letter to Caroline Ortiz-Deaton with your request. The letter must state that you have comparable coverage from another source (i.e. parent’s or spouse’s policy) and you wish to decline coverage. The letter must include your signature and your student ID number.

Affordable Care Act

Beginning January 1, 2015, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), students will have the option to choose the State Employee Health Insurance Plan over the GSSP plan. However, students should carefully examine the differences in both plans before choosing. The Graduate School has mentioned that the GSSP plan is superior and students will find it offers more economical out-of-pocket expenses than the State Employee Health Insurance Plan does.

NCSU will no longer offer COBRA for students rolling off of GSSP; you will need to use the Affordable Care Act’s Healthcare Exchange to purchase a plan. ACA mandates do not apply to international students, but due to visa regulations international students will still need to be insured. They can, however, utilize the Healthcare Exchange to purchase a plan, if they choose to decline the GSSP coverage.