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Graduate Course Offerings

Each division has developed specific requirements that go hand-in-hand with our general program requirements. This includes specific courses that your division expects you to take. Please review your corresponding divisional requirements and consult your advisor if you have any questions: Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical. First Year grads should review the First Year Courses and Registration page along with the courses currently offered, and consult with faculty in their areas of interest.

Non-Chemistry Graduate Courses

If a section of a non-chemistry course is still open, students should be able to register themselves for the course (there are many other possibilities, please consult with faculty in your area of interest). If a section is not open, or if it has pre-requisites, students should contact the Graduate Office of that department and/or the instructor of the course to obtain permission or to get registered. The Chemistry Graduate Office only has authorization to register students into Chemistry courses.