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Teaching Assignments

Selecting TA Slots

Sometime prior to the start of each semester, the Graduate Office will send students an email announcement with a TA signup schedule. You will log in to GradWatch using your Unity ID and password to sign up for available TA slots on the date and time indicated in the email. For upper division undergraduate labs, the faculty members teaching those labs typically hand-pick their TAs. If you have an interest in upper division labs, contact the professor teaching the course or contact the DGP.

To help you better visualize your schedule, print out the the Teaching and Course Table and fill in with your class schedule and teaching labs.

Package of Assigned Teaching (PATs)

  • First semester graduate students are signed up for the following courses:  CH100, CH111, CH101, CH102, CH220 and CH222.   Other courses for first semester graduate students require pre-approval of the DGP or professor instructing the course.
  • Upper level Chemistry TAs will fulfill requirements as requested by the course instructor.  These include CH202, CH224, and the Science and Engineering (SE) and Upper Level Courses and Labs.  First year students are generally not allowed to teach upper level sections.
  • First year students are also required to sit-in for the lecture corresponding to their labs or recitations during their first semester.  Graduate students are required to take the semester tests for their sit-in course. They may choose to prepare for these tests by attending lecture, completing homework, interacting with students in the tutorial center or reviewing information from previous undergraduate studies.  At semester end, the average test score will be reported to the DGP and forwarded to the student’s chosen Research Advisor.