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ACS 2022 Award for Excellence in High School Science Teaching

Photo of Dr. Laura Sremaniak shaking hands with Ms. katherine Nook during the ACS dinner

We are glad to announce that during the Volunteer dinner for the North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society, the Award for Excellence in High School Science Teaching was presented to Ms. Katherine Nock, of Heritage High School in Wake Forest.

The criteria for this award include demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

  • commitment and enthusiasm for science teaching
  • fostering college and career readiness in STEM
  • incorporating literacy in the science classroom
  • innovation in science teaching
  • professionalism and leadership
Left: Dr. Laura Sremaniak, Teaching Professor of Chemistry, NC State University
Right: Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams, Teaching Professor of Chemistry, NC State University

The Department of Chemistry at NC State is loyal to its commitment to delivering the NC State brand promise. Particularly to create extensive partnerships with scientific societies, and leadership in experiential education.

Such being the case, the department was well represented by its active members during the enjoyable dinner and great company at Kipos Greek Taverna in Chapel Hill. In attendance were, among others, Dr. Laura Sremaniak, Dr. Maria Gallardo Williams, and a fun group of Local Section volunteers for 2021 who were as well appreciated.

Among others, chemistry graduate students were appreciated for their volunteer work with NC ACS in 2021.