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Ben Cipriano, First Recipient of Matthew W. Boudreau Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Official Headshot of Ben Cipriano with a grey background
Ben Cipriano Chemistry Undergraduate Student Pierce Lab

We are proud to announce that Ben Cipriano, an Undergraduate student in Chemistry, has been named the first recipient of the  Matthew W. Boudreau Undergraduate Summer Research Award.

The Matthew W. Boudreau Award

Recognizing the impact that undergraduate research had on his own professional development and career trajectory, Dr. Matthew Boudreau (BS Chemistry ’16) seeks to provide this same opportunity to current students in the Department of Chemistry.  

The Matthew W. Boudreau Undergraduate Summer Research Award provides financial support to an undergraduate Chemistry major at NC State that plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry upon graduation. 

Recipients of this summer research award are typically early in their undergraduate career and are selected based on their academic performance and motivation for participating in undergraduate research.