X-ray Structure Facility

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The Chemistry Department's X-ray facility offers single-crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD) services to the NC State campus and other researchers throughout the region.

The facility operates a Bruker-Nonius X8 Kappa APEXII instrument using MoKα radiation. The instrument is also equipped with a Oxford Cryostream 700 cold stream for temperature control of specimens from 80 to 300 kelvin. The facility also houses a Leica M60 stereomicroscope, equipped with polarizing filters, rotating stage and video camera for specimen. The facility also offers computational and database resources like the Cambridge Structural Database for on-campus users, and a Reciprocal Net site server.


  • Roger Sommer Ph.D., Director
    737A Dabney Hall, (919) 515-7362


Analysis request form

The facility performs approximately 200 structural analyses per year. The typical wait for instrument time is 12 to 36 hours, depending on usage. If you have samples you would like analyzed by this facility please complete the analysis request form, and include it with your samples sent to:

Roger Sommer
045 Dabney Hall
NCSU Department of Chemistry
2620 Yarbrough Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27695

Specific questions about sample handling and packaging should be addressed before sending materials. Please contact the staff by email, phone, or in person before shipping.

Structure Determination*:

  • Drop-off service: leave your crystals and get back a finished structure report.
  • Data-only: receive raw results and solve/refine your own structures.
  • Unit-cell check: Need to know if two crystals are the same material? This service can tell you in twenty minutes.

Publication Support:

  • Figures, tables, structural details, experimental write-up
  • Data validation

Software and Database support:

  • Cambridge Structural Database, searches and training.
  • Computers and Crystallography software available for in-house users.
  • Training and consultation for users interested in doing their own structures.

Reciprocal Net:

The facility maintains a Reciprocal Net site server for the convenience of lab users, and dissemination of lab results to the wider community.


Bruker-Nonius X8 Kappa APEXII:

APEX II CCD detector
MoKα radiation
four circle goniometer
Cryostream 700 cooling apparatus

Leica M60 Stereomicroscope

Rotating stage
transmitted and reflected light source
polarized light filter
video and still photo image capture

* Current rates for services are listed on the analysis request form.