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The NMR Facility in the department of Chemistry at NCSU is equipped with a total of six NMR spectrometers for chemical analysis, including three 300 MHz instruments, two 400MHz instruments, and one 500 MHz instrument. Our facility is located both at main campus and at Centennial campus. Our primary mission is to support the research within this department and the wider University system, and we are additionally available to support the needs of other academic institutions, research laboratories, businesses and individuals.

All of our NMR spectrometers are equipped with a 5mm Pulse-Field Gradient (PFG) auto-switchable 4-nuclei (1H/19F/13C/31P) probe and 5mm PFG auto-X triple resonance broadband (1H/19F/{15N-31P}) probe for various analysis needs. The NMR also has variable temperature (-25 to 130 C) capabilities, suitable for analyzing polymers and other materials at high temperatures, or monitoring chemical reactions at low temperatures. Advanced one- and two-dimensional experiments, such as APT, DEPT, COSY, HETCOR, HMQC, HSQC, etc., are available and necessary tools for the interpretation of complex mixtures and materials, especially for pharmaceutical characterization.

NMR Applications

Provide quantitative and qualitative data on the composition of a sample, such as:

  • Impurities, degradants, and metabolites of pharmaceutical compounds;
  • Fingerprinting and profiling;
  • Natural product isolates;
  • Proteins and peptides;
  • Polymers.

NMR Service

  • Walk-in and Data collected on 300/400/500 MHz
  • Sample preparation
  • Experiment setup
  • Data acquisition, processing & plotting
  • Data interpretation & results reporting available
  • Electronic access to raw & processed data available
  • Tight integration with LC/MS services

Usage Fee and Service Fee

NCSU Chemistry NMR Facility Fee Structure
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Academic Users
Spectrometer Rate Surcharge for Assistance
8am-5pm 5pm-8am/weekends
Varian Gemini 300MHz $5.50/hr $4.50/hr $15/hr
Varian Mercury 300MHz $5.50/hr $4.50/hr $15/hr
Varian Mercury Plus 300MHz $5.50/hr $4.50/hr $15/hr
Varian Mercury 400MHz $6.50/hr $5.50/hr $15/hr
Varian Inova 400MHz $6.50/hr $5.50/hr $15/hr
Varian Inova 500MHz $6.50/hr $5.50/hr $15/hr
Variable Temperature Experiment Additional $58 per experiment for cryogen cost or bring your own HP/LN2
Industrial Users
All of the instruments are open to public use. Please contact the NMR facility for details.
  1. The charge of NMR usage is based on the usage time, no minimum charge.
  2. The service fee for staff assisted instrument setup, data acquisition and data analysis: $15/per sample per experiment for academic users and $30/per sample per experiment for industrial users. Minimum charge is one hour. Long unattended experiments are charged for the service fee for experiment setup and the spectrometer time.

    The service provide for external users includes quantitative and qualitative data acquisition and data analysis on the composition of a sample, such as:
    • Impurities, degradants, and metabolites of pharmaceutical compounds;
    • Fingerprinting and profiling;
    • Natural product isolates;
    • Proteins and peptides;
    • Polymers.
  3. Training Service:
    The Training including following sections:
    1. Basic NMR knowledge and on-instrument demonstration of setting up NMR experiments.
    2. Introduce the ACD software for NMR data processing.
    3. Advanced 1D NMR methods. Introduction of NMR spectrometers, hardware and software, 1D proton, carbon-13 NMR experiments with gated and off resonance, 1H decoupling and APT, DEPT 1D NOE etc.
    4. Basic concepts in FT-NMR and advanced 2D NMR methods.
    6. 2D-NMR applications and 2D data Processing with different weighting functions. Variable temperature experiments, Gradient Shimming techniques, Diffusion, 19F decoupling, other nuclei such as 51V, 27Al, 31P, 15N, 183W, 17O, 2H, 39K, 29Si and 11B, etc.
    • $30 per 1hrs session for Basic NMR Knowledge Training
    • $30 per 1hr session for On-instrument Demonstration (2 person per session)
    • $30 per 1hrs session for ACD data analysis
    • $100 per 2hrs session for Advanced NMR experiments (item 2,3,4,5 above)
  4. Consultation Service: $50/hr
    The service includes NMR experiment design, the Data processing and plotting, and Data interpretation.

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